Crucifixion prelims

This is a half-scale drawing to help me with planning.  I want the setting of the crucifixion to contribute in expressing desolation.  The land and sky are dark and lifeless, as their creator enters the same state.  

Toning the paper with crushed charcoal

The two other criminals help to establish the commonality of this event.  There are also very small figures walking along the horizon, far from the events in the foreground.  We commemorate the death of one man who was unknown to most of the world.  
One of the patterns of God's new testament work is the transformation of commonality for the good of his people.  Baptism and the Lord's Supper transform bathing and eating into sacred rituals.  Fishers, tax collectors, and even a Pharisee became powerful conduits of the Gospel message.  The God of life died outside the city of David next to a couple of thieves.  He does indeed work in mysterious ways.
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