Conceptual work

   This post contains conceptual sketches for a variety of upcoming projects.  These projects are just getting started.    At this point in the process, there's a lot of "what if" and gathering of possibilities.  Anything could happen and that's frankly a little exhausting.
    You should have no illusions about me as an artist...I generally know very little about the final product when I'm starting to think about it.  It's almost as if I discover the artwork through exploration.  This is in contrast to the popular image of an artist who sees the final product in his mind's eye and charges forward with irresistible willpower.  
   Those early ideas are almost always the most cliche approaches in the history of a developing project, but without them I have nothing to climb on.  An early idea becomes something I can react against.  I can bend and adjust those feeble beginnings and start to get some traction.  Somehow, there's more brainpower available after the first ideas are on paper.  Each successive stage offers another opportunity for improvement, much like a writer submitting drafts and revising according to an editor's suggestions.  The biggest decisions seem to happen early and they seem to require the most effort.  Later on there are still exciting twists, but they are not so difficult to discover.  
    Sometimes I'm shocked when I look back at the very first concept sketches for a project after it is finished.  I tend to forget my early, often strongly felt, ideas.  The path is rarely a predictable one.  Part of the reason for posting my works in progress is to archive my meandering developments.  It's also a friendly invitation to those interested in creative processes...
    So here I am at some beginnings.  I suspect that there is much to be discovered in these projects.  However, for now I feel a little awkward, aimless, unsure of the outcome.   I'm looking into a fog.  The sureness comes later.  I suppose that's the nature of exploration.  Adventure is out there!

Baptism concept
Thoughts on Baptism.

Searching for Mary Magdalene by drawing from classic sculptures.
Geometric interpretation of "Sunrise"
Some layout ideas for
"Saint and Sinner" illustrations.
Beginnings of a "Saint and Sinner" series.
Gathering ideas for
Wanda Gag project.
Early thoughts on
Spark and Echo project.
Concepts for New Life project.

Musing on giant portraits in German Park.
Figure study for
 Wanda Gag project.
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