Paint Animation-The Good News of Christ

Motion Worship released this paint animation "The Good News of Christ" right on time for Lent and Easter!  

Motion Worship is run by Josiah Smith.  He and his camera operator Will came to my studio to film this sequence August 2-3, 2016.  Josiah says that Motion Worship "is a family-owned business dedicated to the high quality production of worship media for the Church. We are also passionate about providing great content at an affordable value."  They are a world-leader in the Christian worship projection field, right here in Minnesota!  They have been professional-grade through the process of storyboarding, directing and shooting the video, editing and distribution.  I'm honored to work with them and pray that this video stimulates faith.  God only knows what a video like this can do as it is viewed and shared online and downloaded by congregations worldwide...


Download information for this video in HD and SD can be found at

How I prepare for the Koine concert at the UofM

I'm preparing for a full slate of live sand animation with Koine this Thursday.  At 14 songs, this is the most live sand animation I've ever prepared.  Here's a look at how I'm getting ready... I got a script for the show from Benj Lawrenz.  This document is a blend of lyrics, narration, and ideas about visuals.  It communicates the mood and pacing of the show.   I made an Itunes playlist of the exact set list and printed out the lyrics.  After talking with Benj, I worked up 1st rough sketches and then ink washes in these accordion sketchbooks.  The accordion books allow me to view many images at once and more easily consider progressions.

IMG_20150308_205637_346 IMG_20150308_205654_414 IMG_20150308_205837_315 IMG_20150308_230851_128 IMG_20150308_231001_846

After the ink washes are done I get to work rehearsing the sand sequences.

Thanks to Aaron Spike for his last minute tech support!