Prodigal Son windows

These two illustrations are my final contributions to a reconstruction project with St. Mary Magdalen Catholic church in Kentwood, Michigan.  Both images will be printed on glass nearly 7' tall.  Prodigal 1 (with the pigs) will be installed in two 24" wide panes outside the confessional.  Prodigal 2 (homecoming) will take up three 24" wide panes inside the confessional.  There is an obvious progression and meaning in the way these are to be installed.  That longing, lost feeling has a solution and our messed up life has a sympathizer.  

Keep scrolling down for a variety of sketches, stages, and test effects.  Links to other projects for this congregation can be found at the bottom of this post.Prodigal-1-revision-1webProdigal-2-revision1webpanel b layoutFINAL prodigal son measurementsProdigal 1 drawingwebProdigal 2 drawingwebProdigal-1weavewebprodigal-1-patterncolor-test4prodigal-2-patterncolor-test4IMG_20150616_170830952IMG_20150626_121009412IMG_20150616_111905737IMG_20150616_111925498IMG_20150616_111956817IMG_20150616_153626276IMG_20150616_155231696prodigal-1-patterncolor-test3prodigal-2-patterncolor-test3prodigal-2-pattern-test2webprodigal-1-pattern-testwebIMG_20150615_123236402IMG_20150615_111330071_HDRIMG_20150615_100422421IMG_20150614_231527504_HDRIMG_20150605_222825911IMG_20150605_221603430IMG_20150605_164618846IMG_20150605_160100701_HDRIMG_20150605_160041678_HDRIMG_20150107_113942_271 IMG_20150107_113932_871 I also designed CNC carved doors and a series of 6 more printed windows for this congregation.  Learn about them at http://jjjaspersen.com/?s=mary+magdalene and http://jjjaspersen.com/saintsinner-windows/

KOINE circle

  This design was developed as a gift to commemorate Tracy Fedke's contribution to Koine over the past decade.  It combines continuous contour sketches of each member of Koine posed as the letters of the band name.  Those letters appear directly above each band member.  Verses from the hymn "When In Our Music God is Glorified" are incorporated into the band name.  The result is a visualization of Koine's mission.  Note also the inclusion of significant textures: stone, sky, wood, water.K-0-l-N-E-circlewebK-0-l-N-E-circlebwweb K-0-l-N-E-text-roughs ink-text

Fully Committed logo

Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School (MVL) takes on a theme every year based on a Bible passage.  For the coming school year I was asked to design a logo that incorporates the theme "Fully Committed: Christ saved us. We serve Christ".  The theme is based on 2 Corinthians 5:19 "God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation."  

The annual theme at MVL informs daily chapel devotions, newsletter article, email and social media messages and the like.  It also has been trickling down to grade schools in the MVL Association.


With this logo I want to convey our relationship with Christ.  We are saved.  That good news energizes dead souls and changes lives.  We no longer live for ourselves, but for Christ.


This post begins with 2 finished logos, one simpler than the other.  Keep scrolling to see some "making-of" stages and an earlier concept.


hand1opthand2optFClogo draft2FClogo draft1FClogo-draft3optFC-sketch-opt

MVL Classroom portrait demos

  Here's a collection of my demonstration portraits from the Spring semester of MVL's drawing class.  Students took turns modeling for the class.  As time allowed, I would pick up some supplies and join in the fun!IMG_20150520_104808704_HDR IMG_20150520_104824074_HDR IMG_20150520_104838273 IMG_20150520_104943510 IMG_20150520_105004714 IMG_20150520_105022029 IMG_20150520_105030906 IMG_20150520_105040563_HDR IMG_20150520_105048565 IMG_20150520_105058389 IMG_20150520_105134612 IMG_20150520_105158359