Koine Album cover

Koine asked me to develop a visual for their album of Martin Luther hymns.  The title, "Cross, Heart, Rose, Sky, Ring" refers to the parts of Martin Luther's Seal.  Benj Lawrenz explained that the band wanted to deal with Luther as a fellow artist.  The album cover alludes to a materiality and an unresolved concept.  It presents the parts of the seal before they had converged in his mind.  Luther may not have always been so sure of himself.  I can relate to ideas part-formed.  While our salvation is sure and finished, the direction of our temporal lives remains mysterious.

There was something meta happening during the making of this piece.  Benj said he wanted to get at the idea of Luther trying hard to get something right.  He wanted a very tactile quality to the artwork.  As I searched for a solution I found myself engaged in exactly that kind of "trying hard to get something right."

Saint/Sinner windows

  This post collects 6 designs I produced for St. Mary Magdalen Catholic church in Kentwood, Michigan. These designs were printed on glass and mounted with back lighting.  Each design is a composite of 6 to 10 ink drawings, painted text, a photo texture, and various photoshop manipulations.  This was part of an effort to rebuild the parish after a tragic fire.  The final designs are shown first.  Find a few earlier iterations and comments below.   Links to other projects for this reconstruction can be found at the bottom of this post.


TalbotPanel AugustinePanel DavidPanel Dismas panel Paul panel PeterPanel


hovercams-st-mary-magdalene-01jpg-30f4e0fb0d14d632photo 1 photo



The following are earlier designs with significant differences from the finals.  It was my intention throughout this project to portray these people as accessible, regular individuals.  Therefore I photographed models for many of the drawings and wanted some specificity in their features and expression.  Patrons wanted images "like we are used to seeing of saints".  Also, I was encouraged to portray the moment when the "sinner" became the "saint".  Wow, that threw me.  From a Lutheran perspective the "saint" and "sinner" is a lifelong struggle.  "Simul iustus, et peccatur" (At the same time saint and sinner) is a central belief in my understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.  This difference in intent was creatively paralyzing for me.  What I wanted to do was fundamentally different from what they wanted done.

I greatly prefer the portraits in the Peter and Augustine designs below.  However, I feel the Dismas iteration benefited from revision and I prefer the flow of the newer design shown above.


I also designed CNC carved doors and two more large glass illlustrations for the folks at St. Mary Magdalen. Learn more at and 

VOTE for MY Mike's Hard Lemonade design!


I got an email invitation to participate in a design competition from Mike's Hard Lemonade.  This isn't my usual scene, but I thought it was an exciting prospect!  So I went to work on a can design for the "Mike's Harder" line of drinks.

There are over 600 other entries for this competition and part of the selection process is a public vote!  Please help out by voting for my design at this link:  Designs that start out with a lot of votes will likely gain momentum as voting continues!  Voting is open June 31-August 31.

The assignment was to provide a totally original graphic for their new flavor, "Tiger's Blood".  They market towards 21- to 29-year-old guys and emphasize a goofy, vintage, fun aesthetic.  I brought my ink style with some digital twists and tried to tell an interesting story.   It reads a bit like the adventurous cover of a comic book.

My design takes place under water.  Lovely women dive for treasures of strawberry and watermelon (flavors in the drink), but a ferocious tiger guards the flavor treasure.  Don't worry about the girls, they're the reason the drink is called "Tiger's Blood".  The women are based on Japanese " ama" pearl divers.

I would appreciate your vote and please share this like crazy!

See the can design below as well as early some process images and an unused concept.


jjjTigers blood2jjjTigersbloodwraparoundwebdraft1webIMG_20150608_211755292IMG_20150608_213530233IMG_20150608_220544071IMG_20150608_204311564IMG_20150608_204351054tiger003 tiger004  tiger001IMG_20150606_233723354IMG_20150609_171834392

KOINE circle

  This design was developed as a gift to commemorate Tracy Fedke's contribution to Koine over the past decade.  It combines continuous contour sketches of each member of Koine posed as the letters of the band name.  Those letters appear directly above each band member.  Verses from the hymn "When In Our Music God is Glorified" are incorporated into the band name.  The result is a visualization of Koine's mission.  Note also the inclusion of significant textures: stone, sky, wood, water.K-0-l-N-E-circlewebK-0-l-N-E-circlebwweb K-0-l-N-E-text-roughs ink-text