Camp Lor-Ray

Here's a rough first draft of plans to re-imagine the worship space at Camp Lor-Ray.  Jeff Hendrix, youth director at the camp, approached me about making more permanent fixtures for their 50th anniversary celebration.  The wood altar and lectern have served faithfully, and need to be retired.
So we're looking at something more permanent.  Jeff wanted to emphasize the Means of Grace in the designs so there are elements of Baptism and the Lord's Supper incorporated into the altar and the raised platform.  The phrase, "Thy Word is Truth" would round out the Means  of Grace.

Jeff mentioned that sound is an issue when preaching outdoors.  The proposed design places the lectern more central amongst the congregation.  A fire ring is also centrally located for evening devotions.

Camp Lor Ray's current worship space
We also discussed the idea of making pavers to integrate Camp Lor Ray's theme, "Thy Word is Truth".  The pavers could also be bolted to a stump to make a stool or bolted to a wall.  Pavers could potentially be sold as keepsakes for families that visit.

Check out Camp Lor Ray's website at  It looks like a beautiful place!
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