I've been in a conceptual mode today.  Less building, more thinking.  I'm reflecting on themes and wrestling with how ideas can be given physical forms.  My writing seems choppy...perhaps as a result of my mindset.

I slapped a bunch of clay together into a 2-foot tall mound.  Momentum comes and goes.  I'm waiting to want to work on this mass again.  This piece seemed better yesterday.  In the mean time, I process some other pieces that need hollowing and reassembly.  

Postcards from family have been arriving in waves.  There is something special about getting real mail.  I was able to get home for a quick birthday/Father's day celebration with my family.  In true fatherly fashion, I fixed the lawnmower, mowed, and grilled supper.  Life goes on at home, but I miss these goofballs...

In other news, we rescued a bat from the pottery studio.  "Petri", as Colin is calling it, is now hunkered safely in thick cottonwood bark outside.