Bresnahan Residency Day 8

I'm well into a clay bust.  Moving a solid mass of clay has been like coming home.  I spent a week experimenting with building methods.  It feels like I should back off on that and figure out what to say with clay.

I ventured into St. Cloud today for a haircut, Mike Wiechmann's art reception, and running shoes.  The contrast between the quiet, hospitable studio/campus and the bustle of St. Cloud was sharp.  Nothing major, but I saw things differently.  I noticed some very angry people in their cars, and some very bland architecture.  I also met lovely people and enjoyed a change of scenery.  

I tried to read today.  One of the side-effects of being a full-time teacher, family man, AND artist is that leisure time gets scarce.  I would like to be a reader, but there's always something urgent.  Here, it's less urgent.  Still, I feel the days tick by and wonder if I will use my opportunity wisely.  I began reading John Dewey's "Art as Experience."  As adapted my brain to his longish, packed sentences I felt some little sparks in my cranium.  Pretty amazing insights.

Apprentice Colin Donnelly threw his 1500th cup! See the video...

  The weather has been sunny and warm.  So has my 3rd floor room.  Again, I adapt.

Richard was instructing the apprentices on how to make some tools.  That sounds fun...


Cadence Nelson

Jerome Artist Emerging Artist at the St. John's Pottery.  Documentary filmmaker, nature lover, story teller.