Bresnahan Residency Day 6

The St. John's Pottery Studio was in high gear when I arrive this morning.  Ryan (Studio Manager) and Brandon (apprentice) were washing the floors, Collin (apprentice) was cleaning and repairing chairs, and Brother Cassian (Novitiate) was dusting shelves high and low.  Later in the day the studio would host a retirement reception for Joe Rogers.  Knowing that today would be special, I set up a time-lapse of the studio from morning to night. 

It's been a good work day for me.  I feel pretty good about my direction.  I may finish the honeycomb head today.  Lots of paper rolled, snipped, dipped, and placed today.  Steady on.

This afternoon, Steven (visiting artist, former apprentice, former studio manager, exhibition coordinator, etc.) led an expeditionary troupe to view Nancy Randall's "Eschaton" sculptural installation in nearby woods.  See video... Cadence (Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist) showed us stars in a Cottonwood branch and taught me what Poison Ivy looks like.  I've been told so many times over my life and it surprises me every time.  I don't think I'll ever remember.  So far no itchies.  Cadence has been cranking out bowls and shark sculptures.  

Brandon and I tried some juggling in the front yard.  Brandon was solid on the basic pattern.    Despite what he might think, Brandon showed tenacity and quick muscle memory.  Before long he was juggling clubs, trying new patterns, passing and stealing.  The life of an apprentice is one of dedication to craft and submission to a program.  These guys are pretty amazing in the skills they have developed and their humble demeanor.

I attended noon prayer with Richard today.  On the walk back to the studio he explained that he started participating in noon prayer after his father died.  It's a way for him to grieve the loss of many loved ones and keep them as close as he can.