Bresnahan Residency Day 17

I spent today building a pelican.  It's not that I'm particularly in love with pelicans.  But I am fascinated with "flow state".  This occurs when one's skills and the difficulty of the task meet.  If a task is too difficult one gets anxious, too simple and one gets bored.  But Flow is where it gets fun.  I've been thinking about this idea since Rob Kinzel presented it in our Philosophy of Experiential Education class.  Watch the TED talk here for more on this.  

But so nicely.  They're pretty awkward otherwise.  They aren't so pretty.  But when they fly it's just so nice.  I'm using the pelican flight as a symbol of flow state.  Also, after a long day of work in the studio, I noticed a pelican tile directly across from my dorm room (cue Twilight Zone music).

My portrait sculpture took a few conceptual turns today.  It became my daughter...when she is old...and it's about pelicans flying.  I think she is remembering her life fondly.