Bresnahan Residency day 14

Today I was greeted again by my old friend gravity.  It's an adversarial relationship.  I had the studio to myself last night and went a little crazy.  I smacked entire bags of clay together over and over to create a large mass.  Then I used my thumbs and palms to swipe and smear the soft clay into a face.  Awesome.  

When the sculpture was fallen over this morning, I had to think differently.  I could:

  • stand it back up, but it would be soft and heavy.  I may totally wreck the surface and it may just tip over again.
  • sculpt it where it fell.  A good option.  I could let it stiffen up a bit and hollow the whole thing from the bottom.
  • destroy it.  sad emoji.
  • or keep thinking

As I looked and poked at it.  An idea began to take hold.  I sliced through the whole head with a wire and made horizontal sections that could be re-stacked.  This would allow me to hollow portions separately.  The sections weren't too heavy.  And the expressive value of this disjointed face could still be a thing.  Maybe it's important. 

Afternoon and evening was spent with recent MVL graduates Benny and Lydia.  They remembered their class trip to the pottery as "The Best Field Trip...Ever".  Tea was a special memory for both.  We adventured around campus in search for an ideal fishing spot.  After settling in, I tried my hand at printing fish right there on the dock.  In Japan, fishers print their big catches rather than mounting them.  They'll record the details such as bait, depth, conditions, etc. on the same print.  It's an interesting momento of our time together.  They gladly allowed me to practice making tea for them...