Korean dwarf lilac
local cedar

After the ridiculous heat of the past week, I'm glad to say all my trees seem healthy.  However, I've experienced that evergreens can look green when they are in fact dead.  There are a few trees not featured in these photos.  Everyone will get their turn soon enough.  By the way, if you are removing a tree or shrub for landscaping purposes or have a volunteer tree that you wish you didn't, I might be interested in collecting it.  I won't jump at every opportunity, but you never know.    

I was concerned that this big mulberry was a goner earlier this spring.  (see a photo of it one year ago at this link)  As you can see there is plenty of life in the roots, but for some reason the big branches all died back.  I'm trying to adapt.    
Local trees...vigorous and fairly invincible.


Local cedars
Black Hill spruce
Black Hill spruce
Black Hills Spruce
local Cedar collected this spring.  Looks bad, but I'm actually hopeful.  I've seen them bounce back.  The Cedar at the top of this post looked like this for 2 years.
This is my biggest collected tree to date.  It's hard to see in this picture.  It's a local Cedar tree.  I've cut it way back so the roots don't have so much plant to supply.  I also want to force some new growth further down the trunk.  There are some new shoots that are giving me hope.  It would be fun to work on a large tree like this.

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