BLC gallery views

    I got over to Bethany Lutheran College last night to see my exhibit installed.  I had a few preparations for my lecture tomorrow and I figured I should see it.  Since I wasn't available to hang the show, it was fun to walk in and see it fresh.

   I had a strange feeling.  These very familiar objects from my everyday life were here arranged for display in a public place.  I was very nearly alone in the quiet space.  It was almost dream like.  This is not my first exhibit by any means, but the sudden shift from my studio to the gallery struck me this time.
   Perhaps the nature of the work on display was affecting me.  This exhibit is titled "the work behind The Work" and my aim is to relay some backstory on my finished works.  Therefore there is very little on display that could be called finished.  In fact some objects such as negative molds and wood blocks could rightfully be called tools.  Some of my sketches and maquettes seem surprised to be on display.  This vulnerability is kind of the point.  I want to give the viewer a personal look at my process.

  Tonight I'm trying to set up some augmented reality for smartphones and tablets.  If you have such a device you can prepare to experience the exhibit in a deeper way.

  1. Download the free app called "Aurasma" from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  Even though you will be prompted to create an account, you don't have to.  
  2. Use the magnifying glass in Aurasma to search for "jjjaspersen studio".
  3. Tap "follow".
  4. Tap the 
  5. With Aurasma open, point your device camera at a work of art in the exhibit.  Hold steady and wait for a new image to appear in the screen.  

Notes:  Aurasma uses 15MB of space.  You may need to purge to make room.  For more on Aurasma and augmented reality visit their website at

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