Big win!

IMG_20141115_115022_848Maida and I recently entered the ArtScape juried art show here in New Ulm.  Each of us entered 3 works.  I had one accepted in the adult category.  Maida had 2 accepted in the 13-18 category.  I won 2nd place and $75.  Maida won 1st in the youth category and...$100!  So cool.  Her winning piece is a Japanese Sumi-e ink landscape. When we read about it on the front page of the New Ulm Journal we called Maida's great grandmother, Iku.  Iku is an accomplished Sumi-e painter and has been giving Maida painting lessons.

Our family has creators carrying on traditions that go back generations.  Maida's contributions remain wrapped up like a flower bud, full of potential and mystery.