On a recent camping trip to Colorado my family stopped by the Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland.  I visited the annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational a few years ago.  The City of Loveland makes annual purchases from the sculptors at the festival for the permanent collection of the park.  What a great thing for a small town to gradually build a legacy of art for future generations!


The collection here includes diverse styles in durable materials-mostly bronze, some welded steel, a few stone.  And best of all this is an outdoor, public gallery.  In fact the whole town of Loveland is a gallery with sculptures installed at picnic spots, municipal buildings, and roadside stops.  The sculpture festival and the art around town have been a big tourist draw and a major part of the identity of Loveland.

The Loveland Sculpture Invitational is happening this weekend!  If you're looking for an exciting roadtrip destination this weekend, this would be worth the trip!  More info here .  Cool stuff!IMG_2829IMG_2832IMG_20140729_105915_980 IMG_20140729_105755_761 IMG_20140729_105708_382 IMG_20140729_105531_933 IMG_20140729_104726_995 IMG_20140729_104601_699 IMG_20140729_104438_822 IMG_20140729_104425_372 IMG_20140729_104322_855 IMG_20140729_104238_435 IMG_20140729_103548_918 IMG_20140729_102905_572