A timber frame table

Occasionally, I'll do something fun for the house!  This table brings together legs milled from an Ash trunk (thanks to the Krohn family), old barn timbers (thanks to the Flitter family), oak pegs (thanks to my friend Jesse Ellerbroek), a 4x6 Fir beam originally intended to for sculpture (thanks to my brother Dan), and fence posts and a marble slab that predate our time at the house (thanks Victor and Olga Voecks).  3 days in the making, its the kind of thing I can only afford to do in the summer.  I love the flow of a project like this.  Brains, brawn, care, and joy all go into the planning, cutting, fitting, and finishing.  My right arm felt like it was going to fall off from swinging mallets and hatchets.  Big joinery and I are BFF.  
In the end it looks like either classic National park furniture, an Ancient Roman workbench, or a California hippy dining room table.  I look forward to morning coffees and evening s'mores... 

Note:  My dad helped with the milling of the legs years ago and with supervision days ago.  He's always been a helper.

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